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August 2009

3-8-09 ~ medical

The Donkey gets his shots

           “I feel like a pin cushion”


6-8-09 ~ flights and bike transport

We now have our flights booked to Cape town, which although it was no real work on our behalf, feels like a milestone nonetheless.

Bike transport—after calling almost every freight company in Australia, we got onto Platinum International, who can handle bike freight for the entire trip (including return from Russia!), and matched the best rates we were offered too.

Originally Air freight was looking like being the go, but the Dangerous Goods surcharge has hiked the price dramatically, so we’re now leaning towards sea freight instead, and sending the bikes a little earlier than needed to make sure they arrive before we do.

The great thing about dealing with Platinum is that they will have the bikes transported to their local warehouse ready for pickup, so we just get a lift there, unpack and rideaway... Hopefully!

Flights, bike transport, shots, riding gear, bike spares and modification parts are all now finalised.

 The Mule has his surgery next week for Carpel tunnel, nervous Mule.


10-8-09 ~ KTM 950 SE — Motard Conversion

Motard Conversion
Both front and rear Marchesini wheels have now been temporarily fitted to bike 38 (the Donkey). 

This has lowered the bike dramatically and it looks really tough!  The single front disc is fine for road riding with the standard wheels, but it will be interesting to see how the aftermarket wave design holds up with really sticky rubber on the racetrack.


15-8-09 ~ carpal tunnel recovery

Carpal TunnelThe Mules surgery went really well, and after just a few days he has movement back into his hands. Relieved Mule!  Yet to be seen whether the surgery has had the desired effect, but in another couple of weeks will be back on the bike to see how it all goes.  Hopefully all the pins and needles and numbness in his hands will be a thing of the past!  To see a video of endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery have a look here (not for the squeamish).


20-8-09 ~ bike alarms arrived


The Scorpio bike alarms just arrived.  These are a pretty sophisticated bit of gear, with a small transmitter to alert you to the bike being tampered with at a range of  up to 800m away!  Pic of the transmitter is in the gallery.  Quadrupeds are concerned about getting the bikes stolen for obvious reasons, so this will be some peace of mind at least.

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