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KTM 950

Super Enduro

Described by motorcycling journo’s as

  •            KTM’s maddest off-road option
  •            A bike that has stepped over the line
  •            Overkill

The last one sums it up.  72 kW and 90 Nm of Overkill.

Welcome to the KTM 950 Super Enduro.

We test rode a few options, and had it narrowed it down to a very sensible choice of the older KTM 640 Adventure, a KTM 690 Enduro, a BMW GS1200 Adventure or a BMW GS800.

Then we saw the 950 SE.

“It makes as much power as a HyperMotard” exclaimed the Donkey.

We paid the deposit the next morning.

Some interesting things about these bikes.

· They are high—really high, so high that the Mule, standing 6ft tall can only just touch the ground with both feet.  This is pretty disconcerting, but time will tell if it’s a problem where the going gets rough.

· They are genuinely fast, and not just for a dirt bike.  Mission Control was gutted that his Ducati 1100 Hypermotard was left behind in a drag  :-)

· They use about 5.6l/100km, or 17.7km/lt cruising at 110(ish)km/hr.  That means we’ll need something like 3000lt to do the trip, so will need to fully refill the tanks about 100 times.  Wow.