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2 Brothers
 2 Motorcycles
  7 Months
   4 Continents
    30 Countries

a travel tail




Books, Web and DVD’s
in no particular order...   


One Man Caravan, Robert Fulton 

Anyone considering a motorcycle journey must read this book. In fact, everyone should read this book regardless. Fascinating. 

Part of the inspiration for this trip. 

(This is the only book the Donkey has read in the last 20 years!) 

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig 

An amazing book, more to do with philosophy than motorcycles, but the Mule has read it several times. A hard read but worth it. 

Storm, Allen Noren 

Slightly annoying account of Allen and his partners ride around Europe.  

To summarise - it rained, She didn't like it, they argued. 

Adventure Motorcycling, Chris Scott 

Very Informative, good resource. Non Fiction.  

Trabant Trek, Dan Murdoch 

Interesting account of an unprepared group of people trying to get from Europe to Asia in plastic cars. A good read. 

Investment Biker, Jim Rogers 

The Mule liked it, good commentary on the rise and fall of empires, international investment, and how to get around the world on a bike if you’re filthy rich. 

Mondo Enduro / Terra Circa DVD, Austin Vince 

These guys are great fun. Get it, watch it, laugh. 

The definitive online resource for travelling motorcyclists. Unfortunately the site layout is a little dated and can be hard to navigate, but it’s all there. 

Long Way Around / Down, DVD, Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman 

The Donkey loves them, the Mule not so much. They both get a laugh out of doing Charlie impersonations whenever the going gets a little rough... 

“i was just so sad” “i was crying in my helmet” etc 

Red Tape and White Knuckles, Lois Pryce 

Lois rode from England to Cape Town, solo on a 250cc Yamaha. Well written, entertaining, and informative. Recommended. 

The Road Gets Better from Here, Adrian Scott 

Interesting and very informative, but not overly entertaining. Adrian rides the same route as the Quadrupeds, but in the opposite direction, from Magadan to Turkey. Not terrible but not very engaging either.