and  the


2 Brothers
 2 Motorcycles
  7 Months
   4 Continents
    30 Countries

a travel tail




Sponsors Note   


At the commencement of planning this journey, the idea of any sponsorship seemed a long shot. However with the publication of this website, even though it is still in it’s infant stages, interest in the journey has been surprising. 


If you would like to get involved, by means of sponsorship via supply of products, technical information or services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Quadrupeds. 


What can the Donkey and Mule give You in Return? 


A listing and honest product review linked to the Gear section of the website - along with your logo and links to your web site on the Useful Links page, and some advertising space on the bikes

· The reviews will be keyword tagged with search engines (i.e. Google) so people looking for your products, or reviews of them will find them here. 

· The gear section of the web site is linked to the travel log, and will be significantly expanded in the coming months, so please check back for updates. 

The trip will also be filmed in HD by way of helmet and bike mounted cameras and camcorders, with a short film to be produced on return. 

· Please note that they do not have the budget or fame to make a ‘Long Way Round’ style of production, but the intention is to have the recordings Professionally edited and submitted to the Indy film scene for review. 


As always with this type of Journey, there is a chance that they may not make it all the way to Magadan. The Quadrupeds are well aware of the possibility of injury, civil unrest and breakdowns. So they make no guarantee as to the level of exposure your products will receive.  

However the names Donkey and Mule were not chosen lightly, as they are 2 very stubborn and determined guys. 

One is a motorcycle mechanic, the other a mechanical engineer, both have competed at Australian Championship level with success. So between them there is enough bike experience, repair knowledge and technical knowhow to make this journey a success.