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December - 2009

4-12-09 The Bikes Leave in 4 Weeks.  Shit.

Before that happens this is the list of things to do:

Repair damage to bikes from previous trip to Birdsville (damage to panniers)

Finish major service and reassemble bikes

Deliver bikes to local KTM dealer for 1 week for some minor but necessary warranty work

Reassemble luggage on bikes ready to ship, then put maybe 500km on them to make sure all is ok

Pick up transport crates and assemble

Source cladding for the crates (hopefully steel sheeting—anyone??)

Form the cladding around the crates so it can be removed with minimal fuss when we arrive in Cape town.

Source waterproof cases for electronic goods (mini Pelican Cases)

Finalise the tool kit and spare parts to be sent with bikes

Purchase video recording equipment, fit to bikes and test.

Finalise return flights back home, and final itinerary

Insure the shipment

Apply for Carnets

Decide on tyres to use, and whether to take a spare set with us

Attach spare brake linings (x2 sets) and spare sprockets (2f 1r) onto the bash plates

Dummy pack the crates with ALL the gear that will be sent with the bikes

Unpack the crates, transport to Italian Motorcycles Work Shop and repack

Load onto Truck.

Drink beer.


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