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2 Brothers
 2 Motorcycles
  7 Months
   4 Continents
    30 Countries

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how it began

March 2009

The Mule tricks the Donkey into going along to see a new bike, and they test ride BMW 1200GS and Adventure models, but don't like them at all.

The Mule on the BMW

           “it’s a bit of a pig hey...”

April 2009

The Donkey and the Mule look at KTM 690 Enduro’s, the Donkey is sold, the Mule has reservations.

The Donkey comments on a KTM Riding Jacket he’s just tried on...

           “if I bring this thing home, Miss is gonna fucking flip her lid!”

The Donkey and the Mule meet to discuss bikes, and agree that an older 640 Adventure is a more sensible choice, neither are 100% convinced though.

The Mule settles on a second hand 640, calls the guy for bank details but no answer, still agonising about the purchase he looks online one last time and finds a pair of 950 SE’s in QLD...

Email from the Mule to the Donkey...

Have you seen these?

950 Super Enduro R – Erzberg Edition,

75kw/90Nm 185kg! but 14.5lt tank is a bit small -  it looks frikkin awesome tho!

I’d be happier to spend big on one of these than the 690... would have to sell my bike/soul to pay for it though…

the Donkey to the Mule...

Are you even remotely considering it ? ! ...

The amount that you change your mind indicates definite mental instability.

I like that.

Oh, and also that it makes as much power as a standard Hypermotard.

I won’t be surprised if you change your mind before sunrise though ;)

See if you can put a refundable deposit down to hold them ‘till then.

the Mule to the Donkey...

There’s a certain camaraderie in making foolish decisions in good company.

So I will if you will.

Fuck it – I’ve never had anything brand new in my life.

Deposit Paid, the Donkey to the Mule...

I feel sick, real sick.


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