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July 2009

February departure seems like a long time from now, but we have a feeling it’s going to creep up on us, so have started a regular weekly meeting to discuss progress, allocate tasks and have some beers.

There’s some overlap, but broadly... bike preparation is the responsibility of the Donkey, and Trip planning is the responsibility of the Mule.


Bike prep includes

researching spare parts, working out what tools will be needed, sourcing add-ons to the bikes such as alarms, GPS, luggage and protective equipment.


Trip planning includes

working out logistics of bike transport, the route, visa issues, liaising with guides where necessary, putting together a document set, and web page promotion etc.



Bike Prep so far...

·  Identified all spares and bike specific tools

·  Spare parts ordered from KTM in USA

·  Riding Gear ordered from Dainese in the UK

·  Bash Plates and Rear racks from B&B in Australia

·  HID 50W headlights installed

·  Akrapovic exhausts fitted, these are LOUD, so loud that the restrictors will likely go back in for the trip, and they now backfire like satan himself is jacked up on crack and trying to get out of the motor. 


Trip Planning so far...

·  List of countries to be visited compiled see here for updates

·  Visa requirements identified for most the above

·  Tour operators contacted for Algeria and Libya

·  Ongoing contact with various embassies to establish travel warnings etc

·  Documenting the addresses of the foreign embassies en route

·  Web page in first draft


13-7-9 ~ medical

The Mule had his shots today, lots of them!  Yellow fever, meningitis, cholera, polio, flu, rabies and something else he cant remember to come in January.


17-7-9 ~ riding gear

The riding gear has just arrived, but we have managed to mess up the order (sizes and jacket type) so it needs to be returned.  Thankfully the guys at Silvermachine Dainese in the UK have been really helpful and are happy to have them returned.  Still the postage is now killing us, so we think it’s time to bite the bullet and source something locally that we can try on before buying.  Lesson learned.


20-7-9 riding gear again

As mentioned above, the riding gear didn't work out, so we have both decided to go with BMW Rallye Pro2 suits.  Its hard to argue with the quality and fit of these suits, and Bruce at BMW in Adelaide has been really helpful ordering in different sizes to make sure we get exactly the right fit.


30-7-9 ~ Riding gear again... and shiny new parts for the bikes :)

Thankfully the Dainese gear got back to the UK without any issues, and the guys at Silvermachine Dainese are happy to provide a full refund, but we’ve decided to go with some gloves and thermals from them anyway.

The spares and upgrade parts arrived from KtmTwins in the US last week too, we had a bit of miscommunication so some of it was picked up in Customs locally, meaning a few hundred dollars extra to pay, and half a day of finding and then filling in forms to get it all cleared.  Still better than local retail prices though.

The Donkey also ordered a set of Marchesini wheels for the 950 to convert it to a Supermoto for an upcoming trip to Hidden Valley raceway in Darwin: the Mule is very jealous but upcoming Carpel tunnel surgery means he will miss out.  KTM 950 Rim



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